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Globl Address Validation:

MerchantRMS has a comprehensive data of address lookups in 200+ countries, billing & shipping address entered by customers is validated with the global address validation system.

The verification process certifies the genuineness of the address, and if the address has a few missing characters or inaccurate combinations they are instantly corrected, the address validation process certifies the existence of the billing and shipping addresses entered by an online customer.

Robust Risk Engine:

A robust risk engine allows a merchant to set customized rules for multiple products, for instance if an online company is selling high value merchandise on its website, the risk engine will assess the transaction using the risk profiles configured by the merchant for the high value product, a critical list is generated for a risk analyst to review and certify the transaction.

The highlights of this feature facilitates the risk engine to be configured differently for every product weighing the risk parameters associated with them, to make changes to the risk profile a complete audit trail is available to the merchant, this is an important fraud prevention measure, keeping in mind that fraudsters always target high value products.

The MerchantRMS module has a robust risk engine to provides rule-set safeguards for high-value merchandise sold online; we provide credit card fraud protection to shopping cart vendors

Template Manager :

The MerchantRMS module is provided with a template manger that facilitates the creation of a rule set template for multiple products, different parameters using the same rules can be incorporated into the templates.

The rule set templates can be easily modified by online stores in a runtime environment, however these can be done with a few constrains, the simple rule based template will allow Business analyst to modify parameters based on market metrics, without the services of an integration developer.

MerchantRMS comes with a rule set template manager to secure high value products sold online, we provide credit card fraud prevention to online stores, for a free trial contact our toll free fax no 1-800-482-6767

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