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Online credit card fraud

Rendering E-retailers secure platforms to check online credit card fraud

MerchantRMS offers pre-screening services to prevent online credit card fraud, unlike payment gateways that use limited parameters to check the authenticity of a credit card, our automated systems examine the credit card thoroughly, in fact we use 300 different parameters to combat online payment fraud.

E-retailers are easily targeted for payment fraud, since transactions are processed without a physical verification of the payment instrument in a typical Card-Not-Present scenario, online credit card fraud has thus become rampant and difficult to detect, MerchantRMS through its hosted service has programmed systems that thoroughly probes the genuineness of a credit card.

The system amongst many other features consists of identifying the Geo-location of a visitor from a country that has a large section of a population that illegitimately indulges in online credit card fraud, the MerchantRMS has stored data of devices that were or are currently used for committing fraud, and based on this information alerts are instantly generated and sent to a merchant.

The device fingerprinting has been a hallmark feature of our service that has helped combat and detect online credit card fraud, our automated screening systems function covertly on merchant websites without hindrance or delay caused to legitimate transactions, we are a networked service which is linked to  E-Businesses worldwide.


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