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Credit card fraud protection

Strategic support to shopping cart vendors for Credit Card Fraud Protection

MerchantRMS renders strategic support for credit card fraud protection to online shopping cart vendors, the transactions receive a stamp of approval after fool-proof screening measures establish the genuineness of the credit card, following which the payment gateways and the credit card issuing company process the payment request.

The MerchantRMS module which runs concurrently alongside merchant websites generates an instant alert in case a fraudulent payment instrument is used for a transaction, the shopping cart vendors are secured with a credit card fraud protection cover and the risk of online transactions are minimized.

The technology verticals used by MerchantRMS for credit card fraud protection has multiple features that use 300+ parameters, for instance a feature such as a proxy detector can indicate if a hacker or a spammer is concealing the IP address by using an anonymous proxy server.

As an example a hacker may be logged in from Slovakia, but to circumvent the security systems in order to use a stolen credit card that may have a billing address of Canada, the hacker can manipulate the proxy server to appear as logged in from Canada, MerchantRMS through its proxy detector can unearth this fraud and generate an instant alert, click here to learn about other screening measures that we use for credit card fraud protection.


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