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Velocity Checks:

The MerchantRMS module has a Velocity fraud protection tool that alerts a merchant on any suspicious activity on an online store; it can block and reject transactions that exceed volume or dollar thresholds in a short span of time.

The single merchant purchase history allows the setting of rules to regulate the buying pattern of a customer, for example to check on fraudulent activities, if a customer attempts to buy multiple quantities of a high value product within a stipulated time-frame the system will generate an alert, however multiple transactions of low or medium value priced products on the other hand within that same time frame will not generate an alert.

The Multi-merchant purchase history consists of a database of 1000 merchants and about 10 million transactions over a period of six months; a statistical risk model is formatted using this database, and assuming if a single credit card is used six times in less than an hour, an alert gets generated to block such transactions that have a risk element and fraud potential.

IP Address :

MerchantRMS uses the Geo-IP tool for credit card fraud protection to accurately identify a customers geographical location, the tool displays details which includes the country, region, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, ISP and domain name, IDD country code, area code.

The Geo-IP tool helps detect anonymous or open servers that are used by spammers and hackers for illegitimate activities on a merchant’s website, the tool identifies the spoofed IP address and in the process aides in assessing the legitimacy of a transaction that originates from these sources, this feature along with other screening measures is used by MerchantRMS to combat payment fraud on merchant websites.

MerchantRMS uses the Geo-IP tool to detect anonymous or open servers used by hackers and spammers for online credit card fraud, we help online businesses to secure transactions, for more details contact our toll free fax no. 1-800-482-6767...............

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