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Credit card fraud detection

Automated screening process for Credit Card Fraud Detection

MerchantRMS uses tools & technology for credit card fraud detection that saves revenue loss on account of chargeback’s, e-Businesses can now access our automated screening processes that will generate instant alerts and forewarn a merchant in case a fraud is detected.

This is a pre-transaction screening process that enables only genuine payment instruments to be processed by a credit card processor, transactions which do not meet the rule set criteria of the automated process are flagged for manual review by the merchant.

The onus of countering credit card fraud wrests with the merchant in addition to the limited screening resources of a payment gateway or the credit card issuing bank that authorize the transaction based on available records of  a customer.

MerchantRMS through its hosted platform renders the service to 4000+ online enterprises which at some point of time were victims of payment fraud, these companies can now combat it with adequate Credit Card Fraud Detection measures. Click here to learn about the full features of this service.


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