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About Credit Card Fraud Detection Company

MerchantRMS through its sustained efforts has evolved into an excellent hosted service rendering secure and reliable solutions to shopping cart vendors to combat payment fraud. The company’s primary objective is to offer credit card fraud protection to E-businesses that have been victims of fraud and are losing revenue on account of it.

The company offers extraordinary security cover to over 3000+ networked customers in combating fraud and minimizing the risks that are associated with Card-Not-Present transactions, we have a panel of experts that understand payment systems and their abuses and in accordance technology is harnessed to meet the challenges that confront online commerce.

MerchantRMS constantly upgrades technology to ensure that the screening processes to combat payment fraud are never undermined. The company’s services have been solicited by many e-businesses that sell high-value products and services, our automated screening systems ensure that their transactions are rendered safe and without fraud.

We offer solutions to suit every business regardless of whether it is small, medium or large; MerchantRMS is a PCI-DSS compliant company using industry-standard-encryption (256 bit SSL for data interchange with multiple payment gateways, we ensure complete confidentiality of information that is shared with us, no part of which is divulged or compromised.   


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