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Internet credit card fraud

Fraud surveillance for e-businesse

MerchantRMS renders secure platforms to online businesses that are exposed to Internet Credit Card Fraud, it is estimated that one out of every three e-business is targeted for payment fraud, the alarming scenario can now be reversed.

Our fraud screening process monitors all transactions on a merchant’s website; credit cards are closely scrutinized for their genuineness, the pre-screening measures ensure that fraudulent cards do not get processed by payment gateways.

The Internet Credit Card Fraud prevention solutions offered by MerchantRMS are tailored to integrate with the merchant websites, the automated system functions as a covert hosted service. The customer is neither inconvenienced nor aware of the screening processes.

We ensures that buying and selling transactions are efficiently and securely conducted, the screening measures have been very effective in curbing Internet Credit Card Fraud, to know more about the features of our service click here.


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